Built for us, empowering everyone.

When we created ClickCompanion we wanted to empower people, not replace them. And we didn't want to contribute to the array of overpromising campaign automation tools already out there. Our Campaign Managers needed useful PPC and SEO insights founded on Google's best practices. And that's what we created - ClickCompanion, useful recommendations for effective campaigns.

1. A perfect partnership.

Being at the highest level of partnership with Google, we've got to know exactly what works and what doesn't. What the best practices are and what shortcuts to avoid. This knowledge became the foundation for ClickCompanion.


2. Building for scale.

Having thousands of happy clients doesn't come easy. Delivering the best possible marketing services at affordable costs means being efficient and effective - and a tool that gives us the right insights and recommendations at the right time helps us do that.


3. Information, not automation.

If you're after a campaign automation tool that will completely take control over your campaigns, look elsewhere. But, if you're after a tool that gives you actionable insights and useful recommendations to help you create the best campaigns possible, ClickCompanion is for you.

Help us help businesses thrive.

ClickCompanion makes it easier for agencies and freelancers to deliver great search campaigns at scale. As part of the Thrive Media Group, our goal over the past 15 years has always been to offer effective, transparent and affordable marketing services to thousands of small businesses. So, if you share the same goal, let's discuss partnership opportunities.