Smart, data-driven recommendations.

Google-backed and best-practice insights into how you can improve your search campaigns. By analysing your performance, we'll send you real-time recommendations prioritised by the impact on ROI.

Improve your Google Ads

We audit every important aspect of your Google Ads campaign. Know if your ads are set up properly, when new ads get disapproved, where you're wasting spend and more.


Optimise for search engines

Know what's holding your website back from appearing at the top of search results. We look at the things that matter, including what keywords are delivering the most traffic, how your competition is doing and where your technical issues lie.


Boost website performance

There's no such thing as 100% website uptime and performance. See exactly how well your website performs over time and how this is affecting your search campaigns.

Why ClickCompanion?

We believe in technology supporting people, not the other way round. ClickCompanion gives you more control instead of taking it away. That means that you can make informed decisions that directly improve the performance of your campaigns, instead of relying on an unreliable automation tool.

Google Ads (PPC)

ClickCompanion provides you insights, recommendations and alerts like no other tool does.

Alerts & Recommendations

Disapproved ads, going over budget, no conversions? Receive notifications and alerts in real-time.



See essential statistics at a glance and understand your campaign structure, traffic split and competitor performance.


Historical Data

Easily analyse and compare historical campaign performance to see how you're improving over time.


Single glance

With a single look on ClickCompanion you will be able to understand what works best for your website, which type of devices convert better, what brings you more visitors and what makes your campaigns more cost effective

SEO Overview


Technical Health

Learn what key technical issues are affecting your SEO performance and exactly how to resolve them.


Keyword Rank

See how many keywords you rank for and in what positions so you can improve your keyword strategy.



Get improvement recommendations categorised by priority so you can tackle the most urgent elements first.

Website Performance


Page Speed

Regular page speed checks to make sure you're constantly delivering a speedy customer experience.



Website security checks for safer websites and better search performance.



Credibility is key to conversions, so we monitor the amounts, types and regularity of reviews.


Landing Pages

Check to the performance of the most important pages in your marketing funnels.


Website Uptime

Know how often your website goes down, what uptime to reach for and how to get there.


Website Elements

Make sure call to actions work, the right redirects are in place, conversion tracking is set up and more.